The process of claiming funds for Cryptopia hacked exchange creditors begins

A claims process for Cryptopia’s creditors began after a 2019 hack.

Claims process for CryptopiaNOTÍCIAS exchange creditors begins
The liquidator of the now Cryptopia cryptomorphic Bitcoin Era exchange launched the claims process to reimburse the creditors after a 2019 hack.

Professional services company Grant Thornton, Cryptopia’s designated liquidator, officially announced on 9 December that creditors can now start the claims process at Cryptopia’s claims portal.

The claims process requires creditors to register with Cryptopia’s claims portal and confirm details of their Cryptopia account. „Only verified account holders may register in the claims process,“ Grant Thornton noted in the statement.

Based in New Zealand, Cryptopia was the victim of a major hacking incident in early 2019, resulting in losses of US$16 million. The exchange subsequently suspended its services and appointed the network of auditing firms Grant Thornton as liquidator. In May 2019, Grant Thornton released an estimate of the company’s financial status, reporting that the hacked exchange owes a total of $4.2 million to its creditors.

In July 2020, a major victim of the Cryptopia hack filed a notice of default by the liquidators and was preparing to open proceedings.

Graham Thorton said today that he will be sending e-mails about the claims process throughout the week because of the large volume of claims.

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