Monat: November 2020

How US authorities forgot to seize $ 400,000 in fake Bitcoin linked to Silk Road

Shitforks hang out in the wild – Despite its closure by the authorities in 2013, the Silk Road black market is still talking about it. It turned out today that, on the wallets seized since, many coins from Bitcoin forks (BTC) have not (yet?) Been recovered by the police.

Over $ 1 billion worth of BTC straight from 2013

The taking of Silk Road offline and the arrest of its founder, Ross Ulbricht , in 2013 were also an opportunity to freeze Bitcoin wallets belonging to this darknet black market.

These addresses thus remained frozen long before the king of cryptos knew any direct fork – Litecoin and Dogecoin, which date from this time, are indeed separate blockchains , not forks of BTC.

The blockchain transaction analysis company Coinfirm thus noticed that some of the (too) many Bitcoin forks had not been recovered by the American authorities.

The latter announced that they had seized 69,370 bitcoins , or approximately $ 1.3 billion , from an anonymous person who allegedly hacked wallets from the famous black market.

Even though the authorities have obviously thought about recovering the most famous forks , like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and even BSV , others have been left out.

400,000 dollars in forgotten shitforks

According to Coinfirm, the hacker – who would not have been worried in exchange for his collaboration – would have, on his address, still at least $ 400,000 in cryptocurrency from forks. It would be:

693,701 Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), valued at $ 310,000;
69,370 Super Bitcoin (SBT), valued at approximately $ 66,000;
69,370 Bitcoin Private (BTCP), or nearly $ 11,000.
Thus, anyone who has access to the private keys of the hacker’s wallet can still have these untapped funds.

Bitcoin is not interested in U.S. election results

Tomorrow is the U.S. presidential election and that has the world on edge. Meanwhile, Jeff Dorman, Arca’s investment director, assures that the price of Bitcoin really doesn’t care who wins.

Week in Crypto: High for Bitcoin, Euphoria and Controversy

Bitcoin will expand your horizons independently

The U.S. presidential elections have caused a major uproar; even causing volatility in the stock market.

In this regard, many in the crypto community have begun to debate which candidate is most appropriate for Bitcoin’s benefit and whether BTC will rise or fall once the results are announced.

However, from Jeff Dorman’s perspective, the price of Bitcoin doesn’t care what happens with the election. Dorman claims that BTC will increase in value regardless of the outcome.

„Most conservative people on Wall Street don’t want to be first and don’t want to be last. Once that precedence is established, I think it opens the floodgates for everyone else. I don’t think that’s just enough to start a bullish cycle, but I think it’s enough…“ Dorman told the Business Insider.

Dorman’s explanation comes from the fact that large investors like Tudor Jones trust Bitcoin. According to Dorman, this is not necessarily a catalyst for a bullish market, but it reduces the fear factor of entering the market.

As Dorman explained in the interview, in general no one wants to be the first one to enter a market because it is very likely that they will also be the first one to exit with the tables in their heads.

However, as large Wall Street investors and reputable companies decide to bet on Bitcoin, entry frictions are reduced.

Nonetheless, Dorman warns that while he’s a Bitcoin bull, he doesn’t see crypto as a safe haven for the U.S. dollar, although it can be a hedge against inflation.

Bitcoin passes $14,000, time to buy?

BTC Shows Its Potential

Bitcoin has shined on its own throughout this 2020, after it managed to recover and overcome the Black Thursday price drop.

According to Crypto Online’s Crypto Trend tool, Bitcoin’s price currently stands at USD 13,474. Last week the leading crypto managed to increase its value by 4%.

This way, Bitcoin has offered a significant return for all its investors, especially the big ones like MicroStrategy.


Hvem er bedre for Bitcoin, Trump eller Biden?

I et kaotisk år med tvangsrekriminering og svært forskjellige fremtidsvisjoner, er det virkelige spørsmålet ved dette amerikanske presidentvalget: Hvem er bedre for bitcoin?

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Vår hoveddiskusjon: Hvilket valg i USA er bedre for bitcoin?

Ved å registrere deg vil du motta e-post om CoinDesk-produkter, og du godtar vilkårene og personvernreglene våre.
Etter en overraskende nær Twitter-avstemning med mer enn 1600 respondenter som svarer på spørsmålet „Er Trump eller Biden bedre for bitcoin?“, Bryter NLW ned de vanligste temaene, inkludert:

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Og selvfølgelig … Honey Badger Don’t Care

BitMEX Chiefs ha saccheggiato più di $440M

BitMEX Chiefs ha saccheggiato più di $440M dallo scambio dopo aver scoperto le sonde, vestito sostiene

I vertici di HDR, la società madre della piattaforma di trading crittografico BitMEX, che è stata incaricata di facilitare il trading non registrato e altre violazioni, hanno sistematicamente saccheggiato 440.308.400 dollari dai conti HDR, una causa civile. Un portavoce Bitcoin Profit di HDR ha definito le rivendicazioni „spurie“.

La causa, intentata per conto dei querelanti BMA LLC, Yaroslav Kolchin e Vitaly Dubinin, chiede un’ordinanza di pignoramento contro i beni di HDR, mentre le rivendicazioni contro HDR sono oggetto di contenzioso.

„Mentre erano ben consapevoli delle indagini della Commodity Futures Trading Commission („CFTC“) e del Dipartimento di Giustizia („DOJ“) e delle imminenti accuse civili e penali, e mentre si preparavano ad andare in fuga dalle autorità statunitensi, gli imputati Hayes, Delo e Reed hanno saccheggiato circa 440.308.400 dollari di proventi di varie attività nefaste che hanno avuto luogo sulla piattaforma BitMEX dai conti dell’imputato HDR“, afferma la querela.

La causa sostiene che il presunto saccheggio è avvenuto per ridurre l’ammontare dei beni che potevano essere sequestrati dalle autorità al momento della presentazione delle accuse.

Un allegato non specificava come i fondi sono stati sequestrati, ma sosteneva che i dirigenti hanno iniziato a deviare i profitti di BitMEX dopo essere venuti a conoscenza di possibili accuse nel 2019.

Il 1° ottobre, la Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) degli Stati Uniti e il Dipartimento di Giustizia hanno entrambi annunciato le accuse contro BitMEX, una delle più grandi piattaforme di trading di derivati crittografici, e i suoi dirigenti.
Un portavoce di HDR Global Trading Limited ha negato le accuse, dicendo: „Pavel Pogodin della „Consensus Law“ ha presentato una serie di rivendicazioni sempre più spurie contro di noi, e contro altri nel settore dei derivati crittografici. Affronteremo la questione attraverso il normale processo di contenzioso e rimaniamo assolutamente fiduciosi che i tribunali vedranno le sue rivendicazioni per quello che sono“.